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Property Business opportunities in the United Kingdom

I am exploring interested parties from business community and financial institutions to have a joint venture and engage in acquiring commercial properties for business ventures, hotel industry, purchasing land for construction of residential accommodation and renovating existing unused buildings. Potential ways to make a return from investing in property in the United Kingdom include the following:

  • Commercial properties consisting of hotels, shops and offices for investment.
  • Purchasing properties and letting out to tenants.
  • Purchasing property and later sale at a higher price.
  • Renovating existing unused property and sell or let out to tenants.
  • Purchasing land to construct flats or houses for letting out or to sell.

Current Opportunities

Currently, there are advertised property investment business opportunities in the United Kingdom. I have identified current opportunities in commercial properties. If you're interested in investing in commercial properties, please don’t hesitate to contact me. These include investing in renovations or new developments in:

  • Tourism - Hotels and Resorts
  • Commercial properties – offices, retail and shopping centres

My background

Dr Josephine Munthali

I am a woman educationalist from both the western and African traditions. Having obtained a PhD in Education at the University of Edinburgh, I set up the Child Support Project, a registered charity in Scotland. I have advocated for the right to education and poverty alleviation, for orphans and vulnerable children, to high profiled political leaders and policy makers internationally. I have over 10 years of experience in international development work with a record of accomplishment in strategic planning, organisational management and providing technical support to country teams. I have coordinated gender responsive education programmes in over 10 countries in Africa. I keep track on recent trends particularly in girls’ education through research and publications. My article on issues related to child labour and education was published in a book entitled “Global Ideologies Surrounding Children's Rights and Social Justice” in May 2017. In my professional life, I have always combined business with charity, often using one to support the other. Ebenezer capital was born from the acute housing crisis throughout the UK in 2015. The demand to build 50,000 houses, commissioned by the Scottish Government, resulted in my work in investments and property ventures.

To learn more about a joint business venture please contact me.

CEO and Founder, Dr Josephine Munthali